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Bello & Martinez P.L.L.C

Bello & Martinez PLLC (BM) Law Group is a Coral Gables based law firm—with a regional and state wide foot print— that represents clients through all phases of litigation, from the initial demand letter, through trial post judgment execution – walking a client with ease through this process is what sets us apart from the rest. Our philosophy is simple and rooted in our own predicament as small business owners: Business owners must act carefully but swiftly as they are driven by business decisions. We are here to support you in making the best decisions within the scope of the law. At B&M, we partner with you, our clients so that you are engaged and informed throughout all legal processes. B&M’s attorneys are highly regarded by their peers and clients and can undertake both high stakes litigation and/or simple cases while assisting you with personal matters including family law and personal injury cases.

B&M represents U.S. based individuals and companies throughout Florida, the Caribbean, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. With offices in Coral Gables and Caracas, and long established relationships throughout the country and abroad, B&M’s multilingual lawyers can handle multinational and domestic cases. We can help you with accidents, arbitration (domestic and international) collection work, corporate formation, commercial litigation, contracts, family law, landlord tenant, personal injury, real estate and wrongful deaths.

We look forward to working with you.