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Mr. Maldonado is a Florida and federal attorney practicing since 1997, and serves as of counsel to the firm. He is versed in business, technology, intellectual property and regulatory matters, and his practice also includes federal litigation of civil claims. 

Over the course of his career, Mr. Maldonado has helped more than 500 companies with licensure before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and State Utility Commission. He has worked with foreign owned communication clients to obtain consent from the U.S. Department of Justice, National Security Division to acquire FCC 214 licensure in the U.S., and obtain approval for the transfer of control of an existing provider, and VSAT operations.  In addition to licensure, Mr. Maldonado has successfully defended and negotiated voluntary compliance agreements (Consent Decrees) with the FCC for technical violations of compliance reporting, and violations of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended.

Mr. Maldonado has also successfully defended and resolved patent infringement claims, trademark infringement claims, competing software claims, telecommunication carrier disputes, collection claims between distributors and POS system providers, actions against government agencies, federal labor claims particular to communications and radio businesses, as well as investigations and probes by the FCC and state attorney generals for statutory violations and unfair trade practices.

Maldonado’s Practice Areas:

  • Federal Communication Commission (FCC) licensure including FCC 214 authorizations
  • AM and FM radio licensure
  • VSAT and FCC 312 earth station licensure
  • Low Power TV
  • Commercial mobile radio services providers
  • Wireless ETC and ETC qualification
  • VoIP, and state certification for CLEC, IXC and ETC carriers.
  • Federal and state telecommunications litigation
  • Federal civil litigation and appeals
  • Administrative law & regulatory affairs
  • Professional license defense
  • Money service business (MSB) and stored value card licensure  law and regulation
  • White collar criminal defense and defense of unfair trade practice action and class action cases
  • Defense of claims before the FTC and State Attorney Generals on Marketing Practices, Internet Marketing, and Unfair Trade Practices.

In 2004, Mr. Maldonado was consulted for, and participated in the drafting and passage of, the Illinois Phone Card Fraud Act (effective July 1, 2005), a law aimed at curbing consumer fraud by unstable and uncertified providers. Since then, Mr. Maldonado has been consulted with on a number of proposed bills and prospective legislation throughout the US. He has also written extensively in trade magazines including being the founding author of a regular telecom legal column called Legal Line published by “The Prepaid Press” which addressed legal issues related to the prepaid calling and stored value service industries.

Mr. Maldonado is proficient in Spanish.